Can dogs eat vanilla wafers


Many dog lovers ask, can dogs eat vanilla wafers or not? Dogs sometimes like delicious food and extra sugar and sometimes they like meat, but here when we talk about vanilla, we find that can dogs eat vanilla wafers and this is really nice, so we will discuss all the details about vanilla and its importance and about can dogs eat vanilla wafers or not through Our next article.

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Can dogs eat vanilla wafers?

Homemade vanilla wafers can be made at home using flour butter, sugar vanilla salt and baking soda. 

Vanilla Wafers (the leading brand in the US) were made of flour eggs sugar shortening and were flavored with real vanilla can dogs eat vanilla wafers  Today because they love a sugar, however, vanilla extract is primarily flavored with synthetic vanillin and contains canola oil palm oil corn syrup, and artificial flavors.

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can dogs eat vanilla wafers?

can dogs eat vanilla wafersThe short answer to the question is: dogs can eat vanilla wafers in small quantities without any issue.

However, in large amounts these cookies can cause a wide range of health problems in dogs because they contain unhealthy artificial ingredients, such as sugar, artificial flavoring, and artificial coloring.

Here are the reasons why vanilla wafers are off limits for your puppy.

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why does my dog bury his head in my lap

Go with Healthy Dog Biscuits

Instead of giving your dog vanilla wafers because can dogs eat vanilla wafers but not cheese, why not choose healthy dog biscuits? Dog biscuits are specifically formulated for dogs.

so you won’t have to worry about sharing unhealthy junk food with your dog. If anything, they are formulated with natural ingredients to provide your dog with essential nutrients. 

A four-legged friend that has many health benefits, such as helping to maintain healthy skin, coat, and joints. It also helps relieve pain and improve oral health.

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The Bottom line

While one or two vanilla wafers will not harm your dog steer clear of these sugar-laden cookies and can dogs eat vanilla wafers. As we’ve highlighted they are loaded with ingredients that are not healthy for dogs.

So unless you make them yourself at home vanilla wafers may not be the best way to reward your canine friend. If you love your dog, these vanilla wafers should not be on the menu. 

Instead, get your pooch some specially made doggy biscuits or treats. Your dog will love the treat as much as the vanilla wafers and can dogs eat vanilla wafers.

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Thus, we are sure that dogs eat vanilla wafers, which are delicious for them and they love it very much.


healthy homemade dog treats

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