Eating stunner dogs and their organic process desires


Eating stunner dogs and their organic process desires


If you choose to lift a rare and little stunner dog, you want to lookout of feeding it correct} nutrition to keep up its health, and within the following article we tend to tell you all the data that matters to you regarding consumption stunner dogs and their nutritional needs.


The importance of proper nutrition for stunner dogs


correct nutrition is one among the foremost necessary factors for maintaining the health of stunner dogs. A healthy diet that gives the dog with all the nutrients it needs makes it in sensible shape and choked with energy.


Also, once a stunner is well fed, its muscles can develop well, and its joints are going to be in higher shape.


A healthy, diet maintains the dog’ correct weight and prevents avoirdupois over the years.


finally; A healthy diet additionally affects the health and growth of the stunner’ bones, teeth, and hair.


the quantity of meals for the stunner dog

the quantity of meals for the stunner dog


Lulu puppies are weaned at the age of eight weeks (2 months), then their meals are as follows:


stunner puppies between the ages of eight to twelve weeks want four bowls of food a day.


Puppies from three to six months are fed 3 meals a day.


Puppies from 6 months to one year recent are fed double a day.


once the stunner could be a year old, he’s fed one or 2 little meals a day.


organic process desires of stunner dogs


Your Lulu’s food ought to be balanced and made in proteins, vitamins, minerals and alternative nutrients to assist it grow well. Here are the most nutrients that your stunner will need:


Proteins are essential for the expansion of tissues, organs and muscles, and that they help stop disease. Proteins should be of prime quality and represent over 25% of the ration.


Essential fatty acids are necessary for the growth and health of the nervous and immune systems, and may be provided as an energy supply instead of carbohydrates.


metal for building bones, vitamins and minerals for healthy and healthy growth.


eat stunner dogs

eat stunner dogs


it’s suggested to introduce dry food to the stunner dog, as prime quality dry pet-food ensures a diet for the adult stunner, and might be mixed with canned foods, broth or water.


you’ll additionally supply grilled eggs, house cheese, fruits and vegetables to the Lulu dog, however these dishes ought to be under 10% of the dog’ daily food


I notice; The dog should be supplied with clean potable the least bit times, and food and water bowls should be cleansed regularly.


taboo foods for the stunner dog


you must not feed your dog the subsequent Lulu:


1- alcohol, beer, wine or liquor.

2- coffee, tea or chocolate.

3- raisins or grapes.

4- mouldy or spoiled foods of any kind.

5- onions, garlic, garlic.

6- chicken, turkey or alternative poultry bones.

7- Salt and salty foods.

8- unripe fruit.

9- dough.

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