9 more information you do not know about the Golden Retriever dog


9 more information you do not know about the Golden Retriever dog, which is one of the most famous dog breeds in the United States and Britain. It is one of the most friendly dogs that you can raise at home without fear.

In addition to being smart and loves to play and run, it is also characterized by its small size.

9 more information you do not know about the Golden Retriever dog

  • The Golden Retriever is a hybrid dog that is produced by two breeds, the English Water Dog and the English Retriever.
  • This breed was crossed and developed by the British Lord Tweed Moth in the year 1800 AD.
  • The Golden Retriever has its origins in the Scottish Highlands.
  • The purpose of developing the golden retriever breed was to pounce on prey without preying on it.
  • Golden Retrievers were registered in the Kennel Club in Britain in 1903 AD.
  • It was first shown on the territory of the United Kingdom in 1908 AD.
  • The UK has recognized it as a new breed of dog called the Golden and Yellow Retriever.
  • The appearance of the Golden Retriever breed began in the United States of America in the year 1900 AD.
  • It was recognized as one of the distinctive dog breeds in 1912.
  • In 1925, the American Kennel Club announced the official recognition of the American breed of Golden Retriever.
  • The Golden Retriever House was established in the United States of America in 1935.
  • The first Golden Retriever was bred in an area near Glen Afrik, Scotland.

Golden Retriever Specifications

  • The Golden Retriever is a sporting dog, so it is relied upon on hunting trips.
  • The height of this dog differs from males to females:
  • Males range in height from 23 to 24 inches.
  • Females range in height from 21.5 to 22.5 inches.
  • The weight of males also differs from that of females, so that the weight of the male is greater than the weight of the female:
  • Males weigh from 65 to 75 pounds.
  • Females weigh from 55 to 65 pounds.
  • The average lifespan of Golden Retriever dogs ranges between 10 to 12 years.
  • This dog is distinguished by the fact that its fur is of a double type and it is of medium length. As for its golden color, it is between light and dark.
  • This is a muscular dog of medium size, with a broad head and short ears.
  • He has a straight nose, which is one of his most distinguishing features, and the Golden Retriever is strong and soft in his gait.
  • He is also distinguished by having thick hair covering his entire body, which is sometimes straight or wavy.

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Golden retriever dog figure

  • One of the most distinguishing traits of the Golden Retriever’s personality is activity and intelligence.
  • He also has an attractive, friendly, outgoing and strong personality, as he is confident in himself and his abilities and is always alert.
  • Golden Retriever is a sporty dog ​​and one of the pets that can be family friendly, especially children.
  • It is distinguished by its great endurance, especially with a child who has a difficult temper and personality.
  • He loves to swim and it is recommended to set aside time for him to swim, although he can adapt to the environment in which he lives.
  • It is one of the dogs that loves to be accompanied by humans, because it hates isolation and loneliness, so it loves to accompany others.
  • He seeks to learn the skills that he receives greatly from the human being, and even tries hard to master them.
  • The Golden Retriever has a quiet nature, he does not bark all the time, but does bark if he is playing or going off with his owner.
  • He has a gentle, cheerful and sensitive personality and has loyalty to his owner and is therefore worthy of the trust he gives him.
  • It can provide assistance to humans with special abilities, especially since it is characterized by its speed to run.
  • This dog has a number of talents, including:
  • hunting prey.
  • Light in motion.
  • It can detect the presence of explosives.
  • It also detects drugs.
  • He has stalking and tracking skills.

Golden retriever dog food

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  • The food of Golden Retriever dogs depends on the type of food known as dry food.
  • The dog should be fed two meals a day, where three cups of dry food are placed for him and divided among the meals.

Feeding Golden Retrievers is based on some controls, namely:

  • dog size.
  • Age group.
  • his metabolic level.
  • movement rate.
  • The amount of food varies from dog to dog.
  • The owner should choose food that is of high quality because it will make a difference in the strength and appearance of the dog.
  • It is necessary to set a schedule that contains the time of the meals to be served to the dog, which should not be skipped for the two meals, and it is not recommended to leave food for him all the time.

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How to care for a golden retriever dog

  • The Golden Retriever is famous for its thick hair, so the owner must comb it every day, and that is through the brush designated for it.
  • This dog needs to be bathed once a month, but it is preferable to bathe more than once.
  • The dog’s nails should be trimmed twice a month so that he does not get any wounds or health problems in the feet.
  • The teeth of the Golden Retriever should be cleaned using a dog toothbrush, twice a week.
  • The dog needs a periodic examination of his ears at the veterinarian, and the reason for this is that they are exposed to infections because his ears always hang down.
  • Set a schedule in which to train and train this dog on new skills and tasks, as it is one of the types of dogs that need continuous exercises.
  • He must get out of the house and walk daily in the streets, parks or in the area around the house.
  • It is advised not to leave the Golden Retriever dog alone for a large period of time outside the house and away from the family so that he does not feel bored.
  • He should allocate toys for him because he is the type of dog that prefers to carry things with its mouth.
  • It is recommended to provide a set of bones for the Golden Retriever dog to chew from time to time.

6 signs guide you to the original Golden Retriever

  • The wide hand: The Golden Retriever has a wide front hand, and you also find it somewhat full, and this is evidence that its physical build is sound.
  • Round face: This is one of the signs that distinguish this breed and the face must be wide in addition to being round, and the pose does not extend from it forward as it is found in other dogs, and it is also distinguished that its mouth does not move away from the face too much.
  • Big Ear: The Golden Retriever dog also has a large ear that begins to appear after the Golden Retriever is 3 months old.
  • Long hair: The golden dog, as we mentioned, is characterized by thick hair, and it is known that its hair begins to appear after 40 days of its birth.
  • Height from the ground: This dog is higher than the ground compared to other dogs, and this is a feature that indicates that it is original.
  • The body is full: you should choose a full Golden Retriever dog, because if his weight is low and thin, this indicates that he suffers from severe weakness.
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