Arabic male dog names


Arab male dog names, various to suit all tastes and different sizes of dogs of different types, where each person wants to choose the most appropriate name for his dog.

This is according to the dog’s character and personality, as well as the dog’s type and size, so follow the details of all this and more below.

Arabic male dog names

  • Aden: It is an authentic Arabic name meaning the border that separates the continents of Asia and Africa from the western borders of the Gulf.
  • Kid: a name that means firmness, courage and strength, it can be called big, strong dogs.
  • Rabea: One of the cheerful names that denotes comfort, and it can be called small dogs in size.
  • Salim: It is derived from serenity and peace, and it is called relatively medium-sized dogs.
  • Sultan: It means power and control in government, and it is called strong dogs with very strong power.
    • And controlling others, cooperating with his companions greatly, and helping him.

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New Arabic dog names

  • Kaleel: It is a new widespread name that indicates love, affection and peace, and if it is given to a dog, it indicates that he will love him forever with all sincerity.
  • Almira: It means in the Arabic language honesty, purity, loyalty and sincerity, and it is called dogs and indicates that the dog is honest with its owner and never lies.
  • Zain: One of the wonderful names, Al-Mughni, indicates a good appearance and face, and indicates the beauty of the dog in its appearance and outward appearance.
  • Figo: In the Arabic meaning, it denotes the shining stars in the sky, and it is one of the delightful and wonderful names for dogs.
    • Either for males or females.
  • Zad: It is calm, stability and serenity, and always indicates good luck.
    • It is a noun that both males and females share at the same time.
  • Hadi: It is one of the Arabic names and is more used with dogs than a species that is very friendly with humans.
    • It does not carry the meaning of strength and courage.
  • Mel: He is the strong dog, but he does not use his strength except in kindness and with a kind of dignity.
  • GRIT: This is a name that is usually given to rare dogs, and it is not very common in most cases.

Strange Arab male dog names

Arabic names for dogs
  • Emile: It is a name that indicates activity and vitality at work, and it is given to active dogs that love to work with their owner and help him.
  • Robin: It is a name that means liveliness and fame, and the dog with the name is a little conceited.
  • Victor: It is a French name, but it has been used extensively in Arab dog names in the recent period and indicates firmness and strength.
  • Tim: It is a multi-meaning name in many countries, and it means patience and wisdom.
    • It denotes a somewhat patient and intelligent dog, which also has a French origin.

Male dog names for some players

  • Massu: It is a Dutch name given by the player Cristiano Ronaldo to his dog.
    • It means recklessness in dealing and a lot of noise, and it is one of the names that are not widespread.
  • Atom: It is the name of the dog of Chilean footballer Alexis Sanchez, and indicates calm and stability.
  • Simba: It is a dog name for the bitter player Memphis Depay, and it includes many different meanings, including happiness, stability, and patience over affliction.
  • Messi: It is the name of the dog of the Spanish football player Francisco Isco, and he was named Messi after the Argentine player Lionel Messi.
  • Nala: The late Argentine footballer Emiliano Sala gave his dog this name.
    • What carries the meaning of cunning, intelligence and wisdom on the dog.
  • Hulk: It is the dog of the well-known player Messi, which means the big big dog, very strong.
  • Poker: It is Neymar’s dog and it has no meaning other than that it is derived from the game of poker.
    • It is one of his favorite games.
  • Zlat: It is the dog of the player Santi Cazorla, and he was given this name due to his Dutch origins.
  • Balbol: The player Mesut Ozil gave this name to his dog, because of his love for the old series Rocky.
  • These are the famous names given by most players to their pet dogs to take advantage of them

American new dog names

  • Rocky, Max, Cody, Cooper, Lucky, Oscar, Rum, Romeo, Joey.
  • Amino, Mark Pablo, Picasso, Roy, Eagle, Mark, Luke, Burmese.
  • They are original names from the English and French languages ​​that carry multiple and many meanings.
    • Like speed, strength, honesty and loyalty

New male dog names

American new dog names
American new dog names
  • Loki: The name denotes naughty and quarrelsome, and many use it in referring to feisty little dogs.
  • Merfu: It means the disobedient dog who is fearless of anything and is daring in all circumstances and places.
  • Casper: It means a precious thing, like some rare gemstone, and it is called a rare beautiful dog.
  • Zeus: It is an ancient name from the Middle Ages, meaning the god of the sky, and people used it recently in dog names for the beauty of the name, not the meaning.
  • Oliver: A kind of beautiful olive trees and palm trees that offer so much good.
  • Bember: The name has only one meaning, which is the month of September in the past or September.
    • As it is known now, but it has recently spread in the names of dogs.
  • Guinness: The name indicates a sharp intelligence and a genius dog, so the name became popular quickly.
  • Luke: It means the source of intense light and light, and the meaning is usually derived from sunlight.
  • Marley: It is a famous Latin name that means grace and beauty, and good outward appearance and was given to beautiful, rare small dogs.
  • Izzy: The name indicates wisdom in various situations, which need quick intuition.
  • Louay: It means calm, stability and serenity, and performing work very anxiously and focusing on it.
  • Milo: It means happy and good line when doing business, and whoever is called by this name becomes lucky in all things.

Dog names for fierce dogs

  • The ferocious dogs fit some of the new French names, as their meaning suits them.
  • Victor: It is one of the names with a strong meaning, which is strength and victory in any wars he enters, and it is suitable for large dogs in size.
  • Martin: It does not have a clear verbal meaning, but it is the name of a saint who protected the Latin people.
  • Mers: It means a brave dog who is not afraid of anyone, and is ready to protect his friend in the most difficult times and difficult situations.
    • And this name spread widely.
  • Grant: It means to be alone and to distinguish between things, so it is one of the most beautiful names for dogs.
  • Tim: This name carries many different meanings, including the good and the honorable of God, and it protects it from all evil and evil.
  • Puppy: It means the brave and honest dog with his friend, who does not know cunning, deception and cruelty

The most famous Arab dog names in the world

  • Riko: A purebred name that means loyalty and daring in all the work done by a brave dog.
  • Salam: It is one of the Arabic names with multiple meanings, including freedom from faults and sins.
    • The other meaning is peace, quiet or beautiful.
  • Intelligent: Its meaning is derived from the word, which is intelligence and acumen in dealing with others and cooperating with them.
  • He sighed: He is a brave soldier who stands in the face of enemies, no matter how strong they are. Therefore, it is a name with a purposeful meaning.
  • Zaghloul: means youth or young early age, and it is common among students of small size.
  • Rudy: It is not used with fierce dogs, it means calm, not reckless and good thinking.
  • Samson: It means something like the sun.
  • Rick: He is a brave dog that kills anyone who annoys him or his friend and is very strong.
  • Tyson: It is usually used with large dogs because of the meaning of the name, which is large, large, original and strong.
  • Sami: It means the precious thing or excellence in its field.
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