Are takis bad for dogs? or it’s okay to let my dog eat them?


Are takis bad for dogs?  Do you enjoy spicy foods like chips? Do you also have a dog? So you may have attempted to offer your dogs some spicy treats, or you may have left it on the floor by accident, and your dog ate it. if you still asking are takis bad for dogs? Let’s discuss whether dogs can eat takis and, if so, how much can they eat. Are takis bad for dogs?

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 cesar milan episode with takis and 3 greek dogs
cesar milan episode with takis and 3 greek dogs

Are takis bad for dogs

Takis that is too spicy for dogs should be avoided. 

Spicy meals can be poisonous to dogs and cause gastrointestinal problems. 

Takis has little nutritional value and are heavy in salt and chili, thus they should never be served to dogs except by chance.

What happens if a Taki is eaten by a dog?

Dogs’ stomachs are known to be sensitive to spicy meals. 

Diarrhea, flatulence, and gastro-intestinal discomfort will affect some dogs (but not all). 

Their throats and insides might be burned by the hot chili.

Spicy foods, such as hot Taki chips, have a high salt content, 

Which can cause excessive thirst and vomiting if consumed in significant quantities. 

Takis chips also include traces of onion, which is a hazardous toxin for dogs, along with garlic.

Another thing to think about is the odor. 

Dogs are thought to have a 40-fold higher sense of smell than humans.

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 can dogs have takis
can dogs have takis

Takis is carcinogenic

Are takis bad for dogs?

There was a notion circulating a few years ago that Takis may cause stomach cancer and ulcers in children. 

I believe this is one of the most common reasons people inquire about whether or not it is okay to give Takis to dogs.

The Snopes website, on the other hand, disproved the myths about Takis being unsafe to eat.

It is true that people eat a lot of spicy food, thus stomach aches and gastritis are a possibility. 

What isn’t true, though, is that simply eating hot Taki chips can cause cancer.

You can definitely use the same logic and reasoning to dogs.

Takis will not cause stomach cancer in your dog.

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Why would dogs eating Takis cause them to gain weight?

Aside from the hot tastes and dangerous substances, 

You should think about how many calories are in Takis and how it affects your dog’s diet.

I looked at two of the most popular dog breeds, French Bulldogs and Labradors, to get a better sense of this.

After that, I determined how many calories an average dog of each breed should consume on a daily basis.

Each day, dogs should consume only 25 calories for every pound they weigh.

Treats should only account for 10% of a dog’s total daily food consumption (the 90/10 rule).

This is what it means:

A 25-pound French Bulldog should consume no more than 625 calories per day.

A 70-pound Labrador should consume no more than 1,750 calories each day.

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To sum up, If you still asking ‘are takis bad for dogs’?  Never feed your dog anything harmful that isn’t meant for their diet, including hot and spicy foods like Takis, Alternatively, comparable chip snacks such as Doritos, it’s all the same. Even tamales might be extremely hot due to their high meat content.

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