Can drug dogs smell acid and what is the necessary properties


Can drug dogs smell acid ?.. drug dogs have a very strong sense of smell, as it takes a bloodhound less than 6 months to become an expert in drugs and able to smell very little, when it comes to the strength of the sense of smell in dogs, it overcomes us humans of course, according to statistics, dogs have 300 million cells Special to the sense of smell, but there are some materials that the sense of smell in the police dog cannot pass through if it is completely sealed.So in this article we answer a question, can drug dogs smell acid?

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 how to throw off drug dogs
how to throw off drug dogs

Can drug dogs smell acid ?

Can drug dogs smell acid? Although there are many strange smells that a drug dog smells.

There are many smells that the dog works to avoid completely.

And they are not necessarily unpleasant smells, but they can be smells that humans find pleasant.

The smell of citrus from lemons, oranges and grapefruit comes at the forefront of the list of smells that he recognizes.

discovers, and also hates, as you can use it to prevent the dog from approaching the furniture and sabotaging.

It or anything you want to prevent the dog from approaching it because the dog does not like it completely and stays away from it.

Although not all dogs are equally averse to the smell of citrus.

the strong smell of lemon, orange or repel many dogs like a drug dog, but the dog smells it strongly.

Acid, such as lemon slices or lemon juice, is used for the purposes that you want to protect by preventing the dog from approaching it.

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Necessary properties are available in the drug dog

  1. Can drug dogs smell acid? Since the search for narcotic substances may often require the use of dogs to search in large areas of land, buildings, or in large quantities of goods, or parcels at airports, or ports, as well as using them among gatherings of citizens, whether in clubs, or places In general, which may cause panic among them, the dogs used must have certain qualities that make them suitable for this use.

    Can drug dogs smell acid? This is what police agencies in different countries are keen on when choosing the strains that are used in the detection of narcotic substances, as they must have the following characteristics:

    1- It must be a male German Shepherd dog, aged between 8 and 14 months.

    2- He shows indications that he is of a good physical condition.

    3- He should be somewhat conservative, and not be shy or nervous.

    4- He should not be aggressive.

    5- He should not be afraid to shoot.

    In this field, practical experiences have shown that dogs of the Labrador breed are suitable for training to search for drugs. In addition to these two types of dogs, the Alsatian type (Wolf).

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 drug dogs for sale
drug dogs for sale


Training police dogs to detect drugs

Can drug dogs smell acid? Dogs can be trained to identify and distinguish drugs through a set of important steps and precise exercises as follows:

1- Choosing the right type of dog, not all dogs are fit to be police dogs.

  1. The dog’s sense of smell must be very strong, as there is a difference between the sense of smell in dogs and later in some.
  2. Then the trainer begins to train the dogs to smell drugs by placing a piece of cloth with the dog.
  3. And the dog keeps playing with the cloth until it becomes attached to it and it becomes his favorite toy.
  4. Then the smell of the cloth is changed from time to time until the dog is able to distinguish between the group of smells that were placed inside the cloth.
  5. The dog must know that if he knows the desired smell, he will eventually get a reward from the trainer after finding what he wants.
  6. Likewise, the training process should be with a lot of noise.
  7. And the shooting of bullets, because the process of searching for contraband can be in an atmosphere similar to the one in which the dog is training.
  8. so that he does not feel afraid, or escape from the sound of bullets.


By this way we have told you can drug dogs smell acid?

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