Can drug dogs smell lsd? are they trained to do that?


Can drug dogs smell lsd? For decades, police and customs have relied on canines to assist in the detection of illegal narcotics, and with good cause. In their nose, they contain 300 million olfactory receptors. This means they have a 10,000-fold stronger sense of smell than we have. When combined with their capacity to be taught, they become an important part of law enforcement’s drug-sniffing team, Working at customs, crossings, airports, and even music festivals, these crime-fighting canines may be spotted. Can drug dogs detect acid, can drug dogs smell lsd? considering the huge spectrum of illicit drugs?

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 my hobbies include taking lsd and rescuing stray dogs
my hobbies include taking lsd and rescuing stray dogs

Can drug dogs smell lsd?

LSD has no odor and is low in concentration, thus drug dogs are unable to detect it. 

Some highly trained police canines, on the other hand, 

May be able to identify acid tabs by detecting the odor of chemical impurities formed during the production process, 

Or by detecting the cross-contamination of prohibited substances.

Can drug dogs smell lsd? Even in such circumstances, sniffer dogs are trained to detect particular odors, 

Therefore a drug dog is unlikely to discover LSD or acid pills (or chemical contaminants). 

It would have been necessary to educate the dog to identify a specific chemical contaminant.

Given that police dogs are only trained to identify three to five distinct drugs, 

The police force will most likely teach them to warn on narcotics that are considered to be a concern. 

Consider the effects of substances like methamphetamine, heroin, cocaine, and marijuana.

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 lsd usage in dogs
lsd usage in dogs

Is it true that drug dogs are trained to detect acid?

Can drug dogs smell lsd? It’s quite unusual that you’ll come across a police sniffer dog trained to identify LSD or acid pills. 

There are several valid reasons for this, and it’s a reasonable assumption to make.

The first issue is that training a police canine to detect narcotics requires a lot of effort and time, 

And takes patience and time until the dog consistently alerts to the proper narcotic.

Second, I doubt many police or customs agencies would put in the effort to train one of their canines to detect acid. 

It appears to me that doing so is a waste of resources and money.

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Is there an odor of LSD?

Can drug dogs smell lsd? No, LSD (lysergic acid diethylamide) has no odor in its pure form, which is why drug dogs are unable to detect it.

The liquid is put to blotter paper, which is cut into squares or circles that resemble stamps. 

The medicine enters the circulation through the membrane that is put to the tongue.” (see the source)

According to internet police sources, 

A dog may be able to identify acid pills only if it has been taught to recognize chemical contaminants from the production process.

However, police dogs may still be able to identify LSD.

Can drug dogs smell lsd? Just because canines can’t smell LSD and aren’t usually trained to do so doesn’t imply police sniffer dogs won’t find acid tablets.

“Dogs smell out LSD, MDMA, and cannabis,” for example, was the title of an Australian news story from 2016. 

After reading that, you’d assume the Australian police force would have some incredible canines.

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All in all, can drug dogs smell lsd? For years, dogs have been taught to detect narcotics and explosives, and they have a stellar reputation for doing so, Due to the absence of odor, as well as the fact that police and customs officials are unlikely to feel it would be a wise use of resources to train canines to detect it, LSD is a different proposition.




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