How rabbits breed


             How rabbits breed

How do rabbits reproduce?

Prepare rabbits (in English: Rabbit) Kind of Mammals Which reproduce by birth, and rabbits live in different environments ranging from desert to tropical forests and wetlands, and rabbits generally prefer habitats made up of trees so that the rabbit digs in the soil and build burrows, while wild rabbits prefer open areas such as prairie, and because they are cute and lovable creatures They also live in homes, and rabbits reproduce at a rate 4 to 5 times In a year, it can decrease or increase depending on the surrounding conditions, and the female has induced ovulation in which she releases eggs in response to mating rather than according to a regular cycle,[١] and the following Rabbit breeding stages:


There is no specific season for mating in rabbits, so that the female rabbit accepts the male at any time of the year, and mating occurs after the female reaches 5 or 6 months and continues to give birth for four years, and the duration of pregnancy for the female rabbit is 31 days and she can give birth in one birth 1-12 rabbitsand it was conceived within a few days, and when breeding in homes, it is advisable to isolate the males from each other in case the number of males is large to avoid fighting among them.[٢]

Tip: When raising rabbits in homes, it is recommended that there be only one male in the group so that he can do the mating process until he is 7 years old.[٢]


The gestation period for a female rabbit ranges between 28-32 daysIt is possible to observe different behaviors of the female rabbit during her pregnancy so that she does not accept mating with the male during pregnancy, and her weight and the circumference of her abdomen increase significantly, and by touching her stomach with the hand after two weeks of pregnancy, it is possible to feel the fetuses.[٣]

Tip: It is best to increase the amount of food and feed during the pregnancy of the female rabbit for a period of 10 to 15 days, in addition to providing an amount of fresh water.[٣]

Preparing the place of birth

Nesting materials such as straw and grass are provided rabbit house In the event that rabbits are raised in homes, as for those found in nature, the female collects them herself and builds the nest before the birth process, but in the absence or sufficiency of nesting materials, the female removes some of her fur to form the nest before her birth. [٣]

Tip: sawdust should not be used as a nest material. [٣]


Childbirth usually occurs in the early morning or late at night, and the process of childbirth, whether at home or in nature, takes about 7-30 minutesAfter the birth, the female licks the young and may eat the placenta, and the young ones then breastfeed from the mother. [٣]

Tip: Sufficient food and water should be provided to assist the female in the feeding process, and it is also important not to disturb or touch the young.[٣]

baby care

Rabbit is born Shame Plus it blindAnd his skin begins to cover the fur after seven days, and he also opens his eyes at the age of 10 days, and the young can be weaned from the mother at the age of 21 days, and the young should not exceed the age of four weeks inside the nest.[٣]

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