How to get dog poop off shoes, proven ways


How to get dog poop off shoes, Have you ever had the misfortune of tripping over a pile of dog poop? Fortunately, there are several techniques for removing dog poop particles (and the odor) from your shoes without permanently destroying them. So, how to get dog poop off shoes without going insane from scrubbing? To begin, spray off your shoe or use a paper towel to remove as much excrement as possible. Then, using an old toothbrush or a tiny scrub brush, clean between the grooves. A hose set to “jet” or a portable steamer can also be used for this.

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How to get poop smell out of shoes
How to get poop smell out of shoes

How to get dog poop off shoes

How to get dog poop off shoes?

The bulk of these cleaning solutions may be accomplished using products existing in your house. 

The sooner you act, the simpler it will be to remove the dog feces from the shoe grooves.

So here is how to get dog poop off shoes:

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Utilize a Cleaning Brush

Get an all-purpose brush from the bath that you don’t mind throwing away. 

After rinsing your shoe with the garden hose, scrub the damaged area with the cleaning brush. 

This procedure does not ensure the complete removal of dog feces, but it does remove the visible portions. 

As an alternative, you may use an old toothbrush.

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WD 40 should be sprayed lightly.

How to get dog poop off shoes?

Here’s another approach to add to the seemingly infinite list of things that a can of WD 40 can help you with around the house. 

Some dog owners who have trodden on dog feces numerous times have had luck using WD 40, 

To remove the dog excrement off their shoes.

First, remove your shoes and use a paper towel to wipe up the majority of the soft dog feces. 

When just the tiniest fragments remain, use the WD 40 and begin to scrape with an old toothbrush.

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Poop from the Dog

When dog excrement is at its freshest, it is not the simplest to remove. You may find it simpler to remove dog feces if you dry it first. 

If you reside in an area with a lot of direct sunshine, turn your shoes upside down so that the soles face the sky and let the feces dry. 

Pick off the dried dog excrement from the shoes with a long, pointed item, such as a wooden skewer.

How to clean feces from shoes
How to clean feces from shoes

Make use of a Natural Odor Remover

How to get dog poop off shoes?

To get rid of the terrible smell of dog excrement, consider using a natural odor remover, such as the Only Natural Pet Remover. 

Apply the solution to the shoe’s sole and let the enzymes break down the stains that are producing the odor in the first place.

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Put it in the washing machine

If your shoe is machine washable, you might try washing it instead of cleaning it, it’s the best way of how to get dog poop off shoes.

But don’t put it in with a clump of excrement attached!

Remove the majority of the feces. 

As described in step one of each approach above, you can accomplish this using a paper towel or a hose.

Put it through a washing machine cycle. 

To avoid damage, follow the cleaning instructions that came with your shoe. 

Otherwise, put your shoes in a garment bag with a pair of old towels for balance and wash them on a delicate, cold cycle.

All in all, however, no one wants to ask how to get dog poop off shoes or 

to wipe excrement off their shoes on a daily basis, so be cautious.

Dog excrement may be toxic to both dogs and humans. It’s especially dangerous for your pet if the feces you stepped in wasn’t theirs because you never know what parasites or viruses could be there.

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To avoid difficulties, take off your dirty shoe or shoes before entering the house and completely wash them. If they still smell, they aren’t clean enough!


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