How to know the body language of dogs?


How do you know the body language of dogs?


Dogs are among the smartest animals that can be bred, and many people accept them, as they are considered among the most faithful animals as well, and are characterized by many skills in serving humans, and are characterized by great obedience to their owner, and in order to succeed in raising dogs, we must know all the body languages ​​in which their behavior is understood, and this What we will learn today.

How to know the body language of dogs?

Dogs are characterized by some physical movements by which their condition and interactions are understood, and we can know the dog’s feeling about a certain matter, and every person who thinks about acquiring or raising him must know this language through which he can deal with this animal, and we mention them:

  • One of the most famous movements is moving the tail, where the dog uses these movements to express control where the dog’s tail is raised, but the weakness of the tail indicates the dog’s weakness and humiliation, and the frequent movement of the tail indicates the dog’s confusion about a certain matter.
  • Facial movements show us how happy or sad the dog is, as these feelings appear in his face, especially in his eyes.
  • One of the well-known movements of the dog is the ear movements. When they are hanging, this indicates the dog’s refraction or fear. If his ears are raised and erect, this indicates the dog’s readiness to face a certain matter, or sometimes indicates the dog’s feeling of danger or motivation for something that will happen.
  • Mouth movements are also a means of expressing different emotions. When he wants to sleep he yawns, and in states of pleasure he opens his mouth as if to laugh, but when his fangs erupt, they appear in a certain way that indicates his readiness to attack.
  • As for the movements of the feet, in the case of standing still, the high mood of the dog and moving the feet in irregular movements indicate play and fun, but if the movements of the feet are open and steady, this indicates anger and aggression. .

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How do dogs understand human language?


There is no doubt that dogs are among the animals that have a high ability to understand human language, as they are among the smartest pets in this regard. Numerous studies have demonstrated the ability of the dog’s brain to absorb the commands given by humans.

Many psychologists have pointed out in their studies that dogs have a part of the brain that develops intellectual skills like humans, where they can understand human languages and the commands they give them, and distinguish between happy and sad states, banter and seriousness. .


Dogs are distinguished from the linguistic commands that a person issues to him, such as sitting, walking, standing and other commands directed at him, and differentiating between seriousness and joking in a person’s treatment of him, and some of the commands and movements issued by humans. Others feel joy, others feel sad, others feel fear, and others feel safe.

Significance of location for a dog?

The place in which the dog grows or lives affects many of his behaviors and actions, as the dog distinguishes the place in which he lives, sleeps and feels safe, like what the dog is raised in the house is different from in the garden. Who lives in the streets.

The presence of the dog in the house makes him appear as a member of the family, as he knows where he sleeps and where he spends his need, and he knows where to eat, and many dogs that are raised in homes and are well trained, the maintenance of the house is considered one of its members, so there is no chaos or the like.

But if the dog grew up in the garden of the house, it has some other habits than inside the house, it changed its food behavior and its living behavior, and it is considered the most cautious and aggressive towards people who are strangers to its owners. from home.

It is completely different from the dog that grew up on the streets, where its self-reliance is very different from what was previously mentioned, as it relies on itself to protect itself and search for food for itself and its children, and relies on itself in the face of danger on the street from cars and other animals chasing it and chasing humans. him sometimes.


How do you understand the language of a dog?

There are many things that make a person understand the language of dogs that he owns, and they are some of the movements, methods or behaviors that he performs, and they are:

  • Dogs should be monitored and their movements and feelings recognized in all situations.

  • Good reading about dogs, their nature and behavior helps us understand their language.
  • You have to talk and talk to the dog a lot in order to understand his reactions to your actions and words to him, as dogs understand human language through practice and not literally understanding the language by staying with them for a long time.
  • periods.
    The breed of dogs differs in the degree of their intelligence and behavior, as each breed has characteristics that distinguish it and differ in their ways of living from other breeds.
  • The dog must get used to the commands given to him so that he understands them with him, such as sitting, stopping, eating your food, and others.
  • Tips for raising dogs at home

There are many procedures and tips that should be followed when wanting to own and raise a dog at home, and they are summarized as follows:

  • It is necessary to take care of the dog’s cleanliness and provide him with all means of health care, as he must have a comprehensive medical record, the dates of scheduled vaccinations, and periodic examinations for him to ensure that he is free of any disease that may harm him and the members of the house.
  • The source of the dog’s purchase should be known exactly, its correct breed and whether it is healthy, injured or has some defects. The source must be reliable so that a complete history of the dog’s condition is taken.
  • If you want not to have a dog, a process called castration is performed, which is forbidden by religion because it is against nature and harms the dog, and this procedure is rare among dog breeders, and this process is done out of necessity.
  • It is necessary to take care of the general health of the dog and to give it the scheduled vaccinations on time, in addition to taking certificates that indicate this from the competent authority in vaccinations and periodic examination, and it must be preserved to protect it from infection. Diseases, as dogs are very sensitive to diseases that may lead to his death.

The right way to train dogs

The dog breeder must be fully aware of the correct ways to raise dogs, and have the ability and patience for that, as what the dog is raised on continues throughout his life, the language of communication between the dog and the human being. It must be preserved.

Each breed has different habits and practices. The dog breeder must understand the correct language of communication, such as the appearance and movements of the dog. The principle of reward and punishment must be followed for the dog so that it is raised with the right education.

The dog should be rewarded for doing good, such as giving him some food, or petting him, and in case he did something wrong, he should be punished by staying away from him or preventing him from playing or preventing the food he prefers.

The dog is very sensitive to what a person does towards him, he feels human anger, happiness or fear, and he has great loyalty to his owner, as if he grew up well, he protects his owner and helps him in case of danger.

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