Important information about the Golden Dog and how to train it?


Important information about the Golden Dog and how to train it?There is a group of people who are interested in keeping pets or predators in their homes.

And on top of those animals are dogs because these dogs are very loyal to humans as well.

Therefore, we will discuss through this article to talk about important information about the Golden Dog and how to train it.

golden dog

  • It is a type of dog that a group of people prefer to raise at home because it is one of the most loyal types of dogs to humans.
  • It is also one of the dogs that accept education and training continuously and calmly without exposing its owner to problems.
  • As this type of dog has a wonderful and attractive shape, covering its body from the outside with thick hair that is either light golden or dark golden, which gives it an attractive and gentle appearance that most people prefer over other dogs.
  • The age of this type of dog ranges between 10 to 12 years at the latest. It is a short dog, but the females of this type exceed the length of the males by a few centimeters.
  • There is more than one type of golden dog, up to almost three types, and the dog’s weight ranges from 25 kg to 38 kg.

Important information about the Golden Dog and its features

There is a set of features that distinguish the Golden Dogs, which makes them somewhat special by having these special skills and not others from other types of dogs, which makes many people want to breed this type of dog.

Golden dog abilities

  • This type of dog has a very great ability to smell at very short distances, so it is the first choice for policemen in cases of searching for drugs, explosives and other important things.
  • It is preferable to accompany these dogs on trips to take over the guidance process, since they do not bother those present with a lot of shouting and also have special abilities, which makes a person welcome in their presence.
  • Golden dogs also possess great abilities that enable them to swim and are distinguished in their way of swimming from other types of dogs.
  • There are also large percentages of intelligence in these dogs, so they accept training and receive instructions easily.
  • This type of dog is widely spread in the United States of America, and many people seek to raise it there.

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How to raise a golden dog

There is some information that you must know before you start breeding Golden dogs so that you have enough skill that enables you to deal with this type of dog automatically and smoothly.

Important information you should know about the Golden Dog

  • These types of golden dogs are exposed to some serious diseases, whether through infection or through other factors, so you must perform the necessary medical examinations on the dog before buying it.
  • The dog must be cleaned constantly because it is one of the types of dogs that prefer cleanliness, as well as providing a clean environment to live in and providing an element of safety in that environment.
  • These types of golden dogs accept information with repetition, so training must be repeated until it suits the nature of the dog.
  • One female at a time gives birth to about 8 to 12 dogs, so it is financially expensive and requires some extra attention and care from you than normal, so you must be well prepared before taking this step.

Necessary food for golden dogs

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We must get acquainted with the quality of foods that golden dogs prefer to eat before raising a dog.

So that we can offer them delicious and favorite meals and so that their health does not suffer because of food that is not good for them.

Therefore, we will show you how to provide food for golden dogs, which is as follows:

  • Golden dogs crave dry foods, meat, canned food and some types of vegetables.
  • But you have to strike a balance between these meals and diversify on a daily basis so that as much food as possible reaches the dog’s body.
  • These types of dogs adore prepared dog foods sold in designated places.
  • Therefore, there are some people, in order to reduce costs, trying to mix these foods with some household vegetables, especially in the advanced stages of the dog’s life, so that he can get used to them. As for adults, they do not prefer these meals.

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The most important characteristic of golden dogs

There is a set of specifications that are available in this type of dog, which shows this type from other types, and the most important of these specifications are as follows:

  • These types of dogs have light bodies which makes them always active and also makes him qualified and ready to train and always receive instructions other than his intelligence.
  • It is one of the types of dogs that love to deal with humans, so many people prefer to raise it at home to give a special and special atmosphere inside the house.
  • One of the types of animals that are not alienated as a result of having some other pets with them at home. On the contrary, he makes friends with them and favors their presence.
  • He does not make many sounds and does not move a lot unless he is commanded or engaged or trying to play with him, as he does not represent any nuisance inside the house and does not cause any problems.

Some disadvantages of golden dogs

There are a group of defects that some people have found when raising golden dogs, but some people do not see that these are defects, they are just observations, and the most important of these defects are as follows:

  • These types of Gold dogs need movement daily so as not to be exposed to excess fat and weight gain, so it is preferable to train him daily for a time approximately 45 minutes to 60 minutes.
  • Due to the large amount of hair that golden dogs have, they sometimes litter the apartment while they are on the move.
  • He is one of the dogs that remains calm and alone if no one asks him to move or play with him, so he prefers to have fun with him from time to time.

How to train golden dogs

  • Golden dogs are among the types of dogs that are ranked fourth in the world of dog families that have intelligence ratios.
  • Therefore, it is one of the dogs that is easy to train and exercise and transfer various information to due to the percentages of intelligence that are available in its nature.
  • Therefore, the one who trains him should give him a daily training session at least, and with constant repetition, the dog will respond to all the information that the trainer wants to convey to him.
  • Taking care of the dog’s cleanliness, motivating it and providing an appropriate environment for it, it is one of the types of animals that prefer stimulation without punishment.

The reason why Golden dogs are exposed to serious diseases

  • Poor nutrition the dog gets.
  • The most important factors that cause dog disease is the lack of interest in providing an appropriate and safe environment for this dog.
  • Some rare genetic factors.
  • Transmission of the infection to him by dealing with a person who has an infectious disease or by interacting with another animal that has a contagious disease.
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