Information about dogs that you do not know


Information about dogs that you do not know, dogs have been domesticated animals in humans for thousands of years, and they have succeeded in making them lovable companions, and dogs are among the animals that are characterized by sharp intelligence, and have a strong ability to learn, and acquire new skills.

It is also characterized by carrying out the orders of its owner and obeying his commands. Dogs derive most of their powers from their noses, as dogs’ sense of smell is very high. Here are the underlying facts about dogs.

Some important information about dogs

Dogs have the ability to detect some diseases

  • Several studies have proven that dogs have the ability to detect diabetes and cancer, because dogs have a superior ability, which is the sense of smell that makes them can detect diabetes or cancer, through breath and urine samples.
  • And also its ability to detect the level of sugar in the blood, and there is a service, called “Diabetes Alert Dogs” whose function is to warn the owners of these dogs of a disorder in the blood sugar level before it reaches dangerous levels.

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Belgian Malinois dogs within the intensive training of the Navy

  • The navy depends on the “malinus” breed and trains these dogs with strength and rigor, with the same training as humans, and one percent of these dogs can train for 15 hours a week, can jump from planes and can also use parachutes.
  • This breed is considered one of the most famous dog breeds in the world, so you will not find it easily in regular stores, so you should go to some companies to buy it.

Dogs pee against magnetic fields

  • Some experts in animal science have set up research centers and done many recent studies that have led and concluded that dogs have a high ability to sense electromagnetic fields.
  • They also love to urinate in the parallel directions to these fields, and more than seventy dogs of different breeds were examined in two years in which they proved that dogs are attracted to electromagnetic fields.
  • Therefore, the path of electromagnetic fields can be easily determined through the presence of dogs, and thus owning a dog is no longer only for breeding or guarding, but you can use it in your work as well.

Dogs are as smart as two-year-olds

  • According to scientific studies based on the linguistic development of animals, they found that dogs have an intelligence rate equal to the intelligence of a two-year-old child.
  • You can learn about 165 words, and some of them have the highest intelligence that can learn the equivalent of 250 words.
  • Therefore, do not be surprised when you find your dog throwing all the signs and words that you say in front of him, as he is quick to learn and works to adapt to all the social atmospheres in which he is located.
  • But all the dog needs to master this is training, meaning teaching him the command, thing or habit more than once, and you will find it after a while that he memorizes all these movements and habits easily, which saves you the burden of guiding him from time to time on a daily basis.

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guide dogs

  • She acts as a guide for some people, such as the blind and the elderly, and she is wonderfully trained in that, through her movement, she can tell if she wants to urinate or not so that her companion can clean up behind her.
  • There are trained dogs in many animal care centers, and they are trained, where you can deal with them however you want once you buy them.

Puppies are born blind and deaf

  • When puppies are born, their eyes are closed, and their hearing channels are narrow, so they do not open their eyes until they are fully developed, and both their eyes and ears are fully developed within the first days of their birth.
  • Therefore, the mother protects them throughout that period, and works to provide them with food on an ongoing basis. There is no doubt that the interest of any therapeutic institution for animals does not match the mother’s interest, no matter how developed forms of care in various countries of the world.

Dogs can see in the dark through mustaches

  • Dog whiskers act as receptors for the information surrounding the dog, and have the ability to sense any small changes that occur in the air.
  • Like sensing the speed of surrounding beings, this ability makes them see in the dark.

In San Francisco in 1860, two stray dogs were allowed to roam the streets freely

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  • San Francisco passed a law against stray dogs, but the two dogs “Boomer” and “Lazarus” were excluded due to their superior ability to catch mice.
  • Where the state of San Francisco was suffering from rats.
    • These two dogs were left as a species to solve this problem, as they killed more than 400 mice in one month.

In Moscow, stray dogs can navigate the subway

  • Moscow has over 35,000 stray dogs roaming its streets. Of all this group, there are only a few that can get around using the metro.
  • They also obey traffic lights and a group of dogs send the most gentle dogs to humans so they can get good food.

Dogs can sense storms before they come

  • Dogs have an excellent ability to sense storms before they come.
  • Because it has the ability to sense the drop in atmospheric pressure and the shifts that occur in the field of static electricity.
  • As I can hear the sound of thunder long before we hear it.

The dog’s nose is considered a distinct imprint

  • The noses of dogs contain unique and distinctive lines, and these lines distinguish each dog from the other.
  • Where dogs can be distinguished from each other by nose prints.

The smell of a dog’s mouth indicates his health

  • If the dog’s mouth smells foul, this indicates that he has health problems.
    • It is due to gingivitis or diabetes problems, or he suffers from respiratory problems.
    • Or other things, but the smell of the dog’s mouth indicates his health condition.

The three dogs who survived the Titanic

  • Three of the twelve dogs on the Titanic survived the sinking.
    • One was a bikini and two was a pomerania.
  • These dogs are considered one of the most famous animals in the world now.
    • The number of survivors was very few.

Dogs dream while they sleep

  • When dogs sleep, they are just like humans dreaming while they sleep.
  • And you will notice this after about twenty minutes of her sleep.
  • You will find violent movements in the eyelids trying to communicate the events of the dream.

Dogs can feel people’s feelings

  • Dogs can sense the moods of humans, they sense if you are sad, happy or anxious.

Dog sweat runs off their paws

  • Dogs’ paws contain sweat glands, and their function is to regulate the dog’s body temperature.
  • And also attract females to them, so on summer days dogs open their mouths regularly.
  • In order to reduce body temperature.

Baboons kidnap dogs

  • In one area, baboons were photographed snatching young puppies, but the reasons are unknown.

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