Selling dogs halal or haram ?


Selling dogs is halal or haram, offers it to you, as this question is one of the questions that many traders who specialize in selling pets have, and we present the adequate answer to those opinions in this article.

Selling dogs halal or haram?

We will explain the most important sayings that explain the ruling on selling dogs, and is it considered taboo or what?

  • It is permissible to raise dogs for good, so that they do not cause any harm or harm to their owner or the individuals who surround them.
  • It is also permissible to teach guard dogs, and sell them to those who prefer guarding their homes, and protecting them from theft.
  • The Holy Prophet says in his hadith of the Prophet: “Whoever keeps a dog that does not suffice for him in crops or cubs; Every day, from his work, a carat is deducted.”
  • It is also desirable to keep dogs in a specific place outside the house, in order to keep the house away from any impurity.
    • Dog urine spoils ablution, and reduces the presence of angels in the house.
  • It is forbidden to sell stray dogs that revolt when angry at others.
  • Also, dogs that cause some infections through disease should not be sold.
  • But it is permissible to sell pet dogs, which protects against the danger of loneliness.

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Al-Khatib El-Sherbiny’s opinion on selling dogs

Several opinions were received by Al-Khatib El-Sherbiny detailing the controversy over the ruling on selling dogs, and the extent of deprivation it may cause:

  • El-Sherbiny believes that it is permissible to own and raise dogs, with the aim of selling to others.
  • He also believes that it is possible for a person to acquire a dog for the purpose of hunting, and then he can trade in selling it.
  • It is also forbidden to sell dogs that cause harm to people.
  • While he refuses to sell the dogs, which are predominantly dark black, because they are angry at their guard in the dark.
  • While El-Sherbiny forbids selling dogs for profit, based on several hadiths of the Prophet.

Fatwa opinion on selling dogs

There is no doubt that the Dar Al Iftaa has given a set of religious opinions explaining the sale of dogs, including the following:

  • Dar Al Iftaa has forbidden the sale of dogs of all kinds.
  • The fatwa also forbids money that a breeder can acquire as a result of raising and selling dogs.
  • The sale of dogs was prohibited in general and inclusive, including hunting and guard dogs.
  • The fatwa was based on Al-Nasa’i’s opinion in the prohibition of selling dogs.
  • Al-Nasa’i believes that the Holy Prophet forbade the price of dogs, and singled out hunting dogs from them.
  • The Dar Al-Iftaa stipulates that it is forbidden to sell dogs, and when they disturb the population, the individual should not own them at all.
  • Al-Kasani permits the sale of dogs, saying, “It is permissible to sell any bird with claw, whether it is a teacher or not, and there is no dispute.
    • As for selling all fangs of wild animals, except for pigs, as a dog, it is permissible.”

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Things that are allowed to sell dogs

There are some things in which it is permissible to own a dog, and the person who keeps it may sell it or not:

  • Dogs may be sold in places that are not crowded.
  • It is also permissible to sell hunting dogs, so that they can serve as a loin in hunting.
  • The Dar al-Iftaa also permits the acquisition of dogs for the purpose of selling when a person is in need of halal money.
  • Pet dogs that do not harm children can also be sold.
  • It is also permissible to pay for dogs that serve as companions in stray places.
  • In addition, it is permissible to sell dogs that are not sharp in anger.
  • It is also permissible to sell dogs that cause benefit in homes.
  • Also, it is permissible to sell livestock dogs in order to protect them from any danger.
  • It is permissible to sell dogs that the breeder trains to the fullest, in order to deal softly with their owner.

Ruling on trading and selling dogs

There are some rulings among senior jurists regarding the sale of dogs and their possession for the purpose of selling, including the following:

  • Dogs may not be sold in densely populated places.
  • It is also forbidden for an individual to trade in dogs of all kinds and shapes, according to the opinion of the owners.
  • Also, the owners refuse to sell or buy dogs.
  • The owners see that the dog is not sold at all.
  • The Malikis also reject the opinion of some jurists that it is permissible to sell dogs trained or trained on pet assets.
  • The Malikis are based on a weak hadith on the Prophet’s sale of dogs, and only the hunting dog belongs to the hadith.

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Shafi’i opinion on selling dogs

Some opinions were received in the Shafi’i school of thought, detailing the opinion regarding the sale of speech, and whether it is permissible or forbidden to sell it:

  • Dr. Shawky Allam, the Grand Mufti of Egypt, authorized the sale of dogs in our present society.
  • He also believes that the dog is one of the pure animals, and does not cause any harm to the individual.
  • In addition, it is permissible to sell it continuously because it is not considered a spoiler.
  • Also, his deprivation does not see anything wrong with selling it, in addition to training it well in good things.
  • While the Prophet forbade selling dogs in the words of Abu Dawood: “The Messenger of God, may God bless him and grant him peace, forbade the price of a dog, and if it comes to demand, then demand it.”
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