The strongest dogs in the world and the most useful to humans


Breeding dogs is a favorite thing for a large number of people, especially for those who love animals and have the ability to raise them, and therefore our conversation today will be about strong dogs that are suitable for guarding humans and for the special education of each person. We have the strongest dogs in the world and the most beneficial for humans in the following.

Guard dogs and people protection

They are one of the most important dogs that protect people and homes and at the same time are not fierce on those who raise them, as they are suitable for breeding, as we find people who need enthusiasm for their own holdings of farms and homes. If you love to breed dogs, these dogs are very suitable for that, so We will provide you with a group of the most important guard dogs suitable for people and protection of your various belongings.

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puppy dogs

  • He is one of the most important and smartest police dogs, as he has a peculiar nature of his own alone as a type of dog and he constantly needs companionship.
  • He is a dog of German origins and has a great ability to detect mice and catch them, which makes him called the mouse catcher.
  • He barks in order to alert his owners of anything abnormal, he is very blunt and alerts his owners if he notices anything strange.
  • This type is known to be very fond of activities and moving patterns and therefore is clearly suitable for the family that wants to walk, they love to walk for long periods with running and practicing various outdoor activities.

Rottweiler dogs

  • They are one of the most intelligent bloodhounds and are loyal to their friends.
  • Its weight ranges from about 38 kg to 50 kg or its length ranges between 56 cm to 65 cm.
  • It is one of the best guard dogs, as it has a great role in protecting livestock because it is very vigilant and alert.
  • It has a huge size and a strong nature. It is one of the most fast learner dogs, but despite that, it needs to be fully trained.
  • He does not bark at anything, and therefore when he barks, this is evidence of an already coming danger, whether to his owners or even to the land he is guarding.
  • This type of dog is very annoying to strangers until they are properly identified with people when they are well acquainted.

Doberman dogs

  • He is one of the most ferocious guard dogs as he belongs to a group of more dangerous breeds because he has a sharp and volatile temper.
  • It is a very suitable dog for protecting private property, as it is very fast and can reach the enemy in a short period of time.
  • Ranked as one of the ten most intelligent dogs around the world, he is not afraid, as he is very attentive and loyal.
  • He is easily bred as he is very obedient and can bring anyone down in front of him without any problems.
  • It is noteworthy that it is widely used in police and military service.
  • The Doberman dog is clearly tall, as its length ranges between 61 cm to 71 cm, and its weight ranges between 32 kg to 45 kg.

Bullmastiff dogs

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  • It is one of the most important pet dogs and can be bred even in homes without any worries despite its large size.
  • It is one of the most obedient dogs, with its origins back in England. It is a hybrid dog, as it produces a mixture of about 60% of mastiffs, and also 40% of bulldogs.
  • It is characterized by its physical strength, as it reaches a length of 63 cm to 69 cm, and its weight ranges between 50 kg to 60 kg, and it is significantly heavy.
  • He is loyal, obedient, courageous, and highly loyal to the family that raises him, and he protects them as he is able to reach the enemy, and also uses his strength to strike him violently with impeding his path.

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German Shepherd dogs

  • Also called the German Shepherd, it is a close friend who is fearless and fearless and is very responsive to training.
  • It is a suitable type for sitting at home as well, as it is a quiet type for sitting at home without causing any worries.
  • They are highly intelligent dogs and are therefore well suited to the police and are their preferred type of use because they are intelligent and quick to learn.
  • German dogs have a calm and obedient behavior with quick reactions when there is damage or harm to the house or even to the family.
  • This species is widely used in the care of cattle and sheep.
  • This type of dog must not be alone for long periods or even short periods of a few hours because it is one of the most types that may be exposed to the problem of separation.
  • This type of dog weighs from 22 kg to 40 kg, and its length ranges between 55 cm to 65 cm.

Schnauzer dogs

  • It is one of the most important and powerful guard dogs around the world, as it is very loyal to its breeders.
  • It is one of the strong dogs that are characterized by domination and control.
  • You need vigorous training that is strength and rigor.
  • It needs constant training and it is terrifying and requires a great deal of mental and physical stimulation.

Rhodesian ridgeback dogs

  • It is one of the rarest and most unique species. Its mouth is able to hunt lions, as it was used extensively in hunting them.
  • He has a great potential for predation and he likes to be independent so you may not find him very obedient so he needs to be bred rigorously.
  • It can withstand hunger and thirst for long periods and is not affected by any of the bites of various insects.
  • He is clearly and largely loyal dogs, but when he barks, you have to be sure that this barking is not without benefit, but rather he sees something very serious and dangerous.

Commandor dogs

  • It is one of the largest dogs in size, which is eye-catching, with its origins in Hungary, as it is white in colour.
  • It is called a mop dog and the reason behind this is that it has long corded fur.
  • He is extremely loyal and obedient but only on the condition that he is raised and trained to obey and is social with people.
  • Characterized by loyalty, activity, courage, dignity and strength.
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