Treating fleas in dogs


Treating fleas in dogs, fleas are harmful insects that all living things hate, and fleas are not only feeding on human blood, but also spread among different pets.

Among the pets that live in their bodies fleas are dogs, and we learn in today’s article about the treatment of fleas in dogs.

Flea treatment for dogs

Fleas in dogs are painful and harmful things at the same time to the life of the person who raises them in his home. There are many methods and products that effectively eliminate fleas from dogs, which are:

  • The use of some medications that have effective effects in eliminating fleas in a specific cycle of their life.
  • Use different pesticides to eliminate fleas from dogs’ bodies.
  • Use a vacuum cleaner to clean the carpets and floors where dogs live.
    • To remove the remaining fleas on them.
  • Bathing dogs regularly with some shampoo and materials that cleanse their bodies of fleas.
  • Spray the different areas frequented by the dog to eliminate what may infect them in these areas.
  • Always take care of excessive hair cutting in dogs so that the chances of fleas infestation are reduced.

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Other effective ways to eliminate fleas in dogs

There are some other ways to get rid of fleas from dogs’ bodies, which are as follows:

  • Use a flea comb that has very narrow openings and comb dogs with it to get rid of the fleas that live in it.
  • Use tea tree shampoo in bathing dogs, as it is a plant.
    • Tea tree oil is highly effective in killing and eliminating fleas.
  • It also has great properties in eliminating various fungi and viruses.
    • And other insects that live in the bodies of fleas.
  • Leave the dogs to clean themselves: This is a very effective method.
    • As pets, when something happens to their bodies, can clean themselves well.
    • This is very effective in eliminating fleas in dogs.
  • Exposing dogs to the sun continuously and not placing them in damp places.
    • This is due to the ability of the sun’s heat to reduce the proliferation of fleas in the dogs’ body.

What is flea

  • Fleas are small insects that do not have wings and are parasitic insects.
    • in its subsistence on other organisms.
  • The flea feeds mainly on blood, whether from humans or from various animals.
  • Few of them live on the bodies of birds, as their main food is humans and various mammals.
  • There are many types of fleas, and the length of the flea is in the normal range.
    • From 1 millimeter to 4 millimeters, its body is covered with a crusty shell.
  • The flea moves in the form of jumping and can cling to the bodies of mammals to a large extent and absorb the blood necessary for its livelihood.
  • The female lays eggs in unclean places and in cracks in the floors, and the eggs hatch young.
    • They feed on blood and mold residues found on surfaces and on human and animal bodies.
  • The great danger that the flea poses to humans is that it can transmit many diseases.
    • Because it feeds on blood such as plague and typhoid.

Fleas and its harms

Fleas are considered disease-carrying insects when they move from one diseased body to another healthy one, as follows:

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  • A flea that lives on the body of a mouse, for example, can transmit the plague disease if it is transmitted to the body of a human or animal.
  • Fleas can transmit some types of tapeworms.
  • Itching and skin scratches that may be caused by fleas greatly damage the skin and cause cracks in it.
    • Thus, any virus or microbe can be transmitted to the skin and cause disease.
  • Fleas can infect humans with serious blood diseases, as they may be transmitted from
    • A body infected with a specific virus and thus transmitted to the other body.

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Ways to eliminate fleas from home

There are many ways to get rid of fleas, including the following:

  • Spray a special powder to eliminate fleas on carpets and upholstery while it analyzes and eliminates them.
  • Paying attention to washing furniture, carpets and curtains on an ongoing basis and exposing them to the sun.
  • Use traps that attract fleas to light and then put a sticker to stick the fleas to and kill them.
  • Safe insecticides that are sprayed on surfaces, furnishings and carpets and must be safe for humans.
  • Paying attention to the entry of sunlight into the house and indoor spaces, and good identity.
    • As this reduces the possibility of fleas in the place.
  • Use vinegar or alcohol, both of which have a strong flea-killing effect when wiping surfaces with them or spraying them with a spray.
  • Using a vacuum cleaner to suck up dust continuously, thus eliminating flea eggs.
    • And suck the fleas themselves out of carpets and upholstery.
    • But you must immediately dispose of the cyst outside the home, and be careful while getting rid of it.
  • Make sure to seal the cracks on an ongoing basis and clean the house of pet droppings.
  • Attention to cleaning pets if they were raised at home and checking them on an ongoing basis.

Fleas and pets

Pets and their upbringing at home are considered a fertile environment for fleas to live in their skin and between their fur or hair. Therefore, people must be careful to clean these animals on an ongoing basis, as follows:

  • Paying attention to bathing pets on a regular basis and using sterile shampoo designated for that.
  • Pay attention to exposing pets to sunlight to eliminate any insects stuck to them.
  • Use pesticides to eliminate fleas to spray the skins of these animals.
  • Attention to shortening the hair of pets that live in the house, such as cats and dogs.
    • And work to clean their places constantly.
  • Observe pets if they suffer from itchy skin to examine them first.

Get rid of fleas with natural materials

Humans can eliminate fleas by using some natural elements and materials, which are:

  • Salt has a great role in eliminating fleas, and this is by placing some of it on carpets and upholstery.
    • Leave it for a few hours and then clean it and remove it as it kills the larvae and eggs of the flea.
  • Use vinegar and concentrated lemon juice as they are put in a sprayer and sprayed on the surfaces.
    • And in all places of the house and narrow cracks.
  • Use rosemary oil as this oil will permanently eliminate fleas.
    • It is applied to the skin or pets’ bodies with it because of its power to kill fleas.
  • Apple cider vinegar: It is one of the things that have a great effectiveness in eliminating fleas in a large way.
    • It is used by applying it in a concentrated spray to spray it on surfaces, carpets and also on the bodies of pets.
  • Growing mint at home or using peppermint oil due to its strong, pungent scent.
    • Which has the ability to eliminate fleas and their presence in the house.
  • The use of cedar oil, which has an unpleasant smell, and is what animal bodies are painted with.
    • We will then find that the fleas have completely disappeared from their bodies.
  • Mix vinegar, lemon, cedar oil, and alcohol in one spray.
    • Spray some flea-infested surfaces where fleas are likely to be present.

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We dealt with the treatment of fleas in dogs, and this is what made us discuss what fleas are and ways to eliminate them from pets, as well as the most effective natural ways to eliminate fleas and were presented briefly for the benefit of our readers.

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