What is a blue dog worth in adopt me


what is a blue dog worth in adopt me? This is a question that many people who love dogs and breed dogs, especially the adoption of a blue dog, are looking for an answer, Where the blue dog is one of the oldest breeds that originated in Italy. It is a hardy breed that can adapt to almost any climate. The name “blue” comes from the color of the coat, and it is caused by a pigment called melanin, which is produced by skin cells so what is a blue dog worth in adopt me?

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 border collie blue and white
border collie blue and white

What is a blue dog worth in adopt me?

What is a blue dog worth in adopt me

Blue dog adoption is an idealistic concept that involves people adopting pets that cannot be adopted by others. It is based on the ideas of several books and films, such as: “Blue Dogs: A Tale of Two Kitties” and “Blue Dog Adopts”, and the use of social media to promote adoption.

The idea was also first proposed in 2010 for adoption by Jennifer Birney, a professor at the University of Chicago’s Booth School of Business who wrote about it in a blog post called “What would you do if you found your lost pet?”

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sam & cat blue dog soda
sam & cat blue dog soda

What are the training steps?

What is a blue dog worth in adopt me?

After the dog is adopted, you must take care of them and learn how to raise it and how to train them on every step and to meet their food needs as well:

  • Create a schedule for the dog that includes feeding times and activity level.
  • Choose the location of the dog’s toilet, and make sure to associate the dog with the place through scent signals, and take him to the same place every time he needs to relieve himself.
  • Don’t leave the place before he has relieved himself, even if he has spent some time playing.
  • Reward him after he urinates in the right place with a treat he likes or treats for dogs.
  • Pay attention to the early signs. When the dog wants to relieve himself, he sniffs the ground, walks in circles on his feet, and squats in the area where he intends to relieve himself. If you notice these signs, move him immediately to the toilet area.
  • If the dog urinates in the wrong place, clean this place well, because the smells will attract him back to the crime scene.

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