why are my dog ears cold? Reasons and explanation


Why are my dog ears cold? Your dog’s ears can be cold or hot to the touch, which can make you a little worried, or at least confused about why their temperature is so different. The dog’s ears are the most vulnerable area to temperature changes because the ears are made of cartilage and the blood vessels are small and close to the surface. Where the dog’s ears act as an indicator and as part of their body language, in addition, the dog’s ears can indicate his physical health, for example, if the weather is warm or the dog’s ears are cold, it is due to the temperature. So we will explain to you in detail ,why are my dog ears cold?

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 dog has cold paws and ears
dog has cold paws and ears

Why are my dog ears cold?

Many dogs breeders ask why are my dog ears cold ? In general, the temperature of the dog’s ears is lower than the temperature of the rest of the dog’s body.

This does not indicate all the time that the dog has a health problem.

Because the dog’s ears are a heat-sensitive area consisting of many blood vessels whose temperature is related to the circulatory system .

So the dog’s ears are completely different due to several factors, such as the ambient temperature and also the amount of hair that covers them .

why are my dog ears cold?Breed and size also play a role in how quickly your dog’s ears get cold.

Dogs most susceptible to hypothermia due to low temperatures are small dog breeds, dog breeds with little or no hair, and large dogs.

This is either because they are not able to regulate their body temperature properly or because they have insufficient cover to protect themselves from cold temperatures.

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 dog cold paws and ears
dog cold paws and ears

Causes of cold ears in dogs

There are many reasons why your dog’s ears may have cold ears, some more serious than others and make you wonder why are my dog ears cold.

However, in any situation where the body temperature drops significantly, it causes the risk of hypothermia in the ears and body of the dog.

  • Low ambient temperature
  • Cold air stream
  • Wet fur or skin
  • Sleeping outside in winter
  • Walking in cold weather
  • Snows when they are outside
  • Hypothyroidism reducing metabolism and the ability to thermoregulate
  • Hypotension (due to drugs, poisoning, allergic reactions, etc.)
  • Prolonged anesthesia
  • Hypovolemic shock due to blood loss, trauma, internal bleeding, surgery.

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Is low blood pressure linked to cold dog ears?

Low blood pressure isn’t a condition most people associate with dogs, but it can cause their ears to be cold.

Low blood pressure means circulation is decreased, so not as much warm blood makes it to the ears.

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Why are my dog’s ears cold? The cold is part of getting out and running in the winter or when it’s windy outside.With a little warmth in a blanket or a coat to regulate body temperature, your dog’s ears will return to normal.And that was all about why are my dog ears cold?

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