Olympia London International Horse Show


Olympia London International Horse Show


One of the largest equestrian competitions within the United Kingdom, the Olympia London International Horse Show is held in Olympia, London. It is best known for show jumping, but it also has competitions in horse show, driving, fantasy games, dog agility, and the last dressage. The Evening Sessions are broadcast live by the BBC each year, with Poisance. It takes place seven days in the week before Christmas and includes four hundred horses and ponies, and several Christmas-themed events.



The Olympia venue opened its doors to the public on a national holiday in 1886. It had a “massive” design with a 100-foot ceiling, marble columns, and oak banqueting rooms. It has been dubbed. “Olympia” hoping to maintain loyalty and commitment in the returning years.

The show in its current form began in 1907, but a farmer’s show (known for being the first beautiful horse show) has been in control here since 1888. Reginald Gardiner Heaton, a horse rider from Chatress in Cambridgeshire, allegedly had an idea for shows. In early 1906, Gardiner Heaton invited friends to dinner with the aim of persuading them to arrange an international sculptural display of sculptures in New York, Paris, and Brussels. The dinner was a success and Reginald Heaton became general manager, a feature he led for twenty-five years.

The inaugural parade was attended by a large number of socioeconomic class as well as Edward VII, Alexandra of Denmark, the Fifth Patron Saint, and the aristocrat the Virgin Adelaide of Cambridge.

The arrivals were from all over the world. France, Italy, a European country and even Russia.

Lord Lonsdale, president of the Brits Athletic Club, was the primary head of the programme. The list of directors attached in the early programs included many notable patrons and money with at least ten dukes, eleven marquesses, fifty-four earls, twenty-five viscounts, eighty lords, and twenty-eight knights appointed unearned Vice-Presidents.

The Gallery was closed throughout the First War and suffered from economic instability and industrialization between the wars. In 1939, the last international horse show was the driving at Olympia. It was completely revived in 1947 in a unique location in White City, London. However, in December 1972, Reginald Heaton and Raymond Brooks-Ward decided to return the horse to Olympia. Olympia – The London International Horse Show has since become a landmark on the equestrian calendar and part of the equestrian Christmas tradition.

The London International Horse Show celebrated its centenary in 2007. undefined In 2010, it was just like CSI 5*-W (Equestrian World Cup Event) and CDI-W (Equestrian World Cup Event).





The fair contains FEI driving, dressage and show jumping competitions, as well as exhibition games and vehicles.

joint leadership


There are 3 combined driving events, Extreme Driving and 2 categories in the FEI World Cup. The motive power will drive one, two or four horses, spinning around a set of obstacles against the clock, with the grooms together on the wagon. Fouls are counted if an obstacle falls or an incorrect path is taken, the best score with the fewest fouls wins.

Shared driving tests the driver’s ability. It also tests horses’ speed and athletic performance. There are three stages that participants go through: the paid equestrian sport, the marathon and the cones.

The driven dressage is designed to check the driving force and horses on the harmony and simplicity of movements within the ring,

The marathon measures horses’ fitness and agility. It also tests the driver’s accuracy while steering around difficult objects reminiscent of water and sharp turns in an experience to urge the fastest time.

Cones are located anywhere a driver and horse must suffer a set of cones while not hitting them.



On the first day of the speech programme, there is an invited class of the FEI Motor Racing. On the second day, there is an FEI dressage show for a music class where riders are allowed to choreograph their own dances to music featuring a variety of forced movements.

Equestrian sports focus on the final look of a horse. With the careful assistance of the rider, the horse appears to be making the movements on its own. In these competitions, a horse is judged for its gait, endurance, and careful driving as well as for its transitions through its stride. (plural – extend – plural)

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The fair has pop-up chapters on each day of the show, each with Christmas-themed names like Longines Christmas Cracker. This competition culminates in the 1. 60m Shaw vaulting championship at Sabbatum as well as the auto race on Sunday. Riders usually compete throughout the week and have a chance to earn points in each category for the first rider.

Many of the world’s top show jumpers compete annually, as well as many of Britain’s riders, as well as Ellen Whitaker, Tim Stockdale, Mount Maher, Nick Skelton, and many more.

The event also includes options for non-FEI competitions, including Puissance, Six Bars, Accumulators, Little Pioneers and Markle Champions Challenge where riders compete in showjumping to raise money for the jockeys’ fund.

horse care


These horses are well sorted once they take part in the London Horse Show at Olympia. 276 stables were found for all the horses participating in the show, and 32 stables were placed in each stable to make sure the horses kept warm and dry.

Fifty bales of forage and eighty-two bales of Haylage are devoured by the horses to be fed thoroughly throughout the event.

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