Abtenauer Horse breed


These animals come from the isolated valley of Abtenauer Horse breed

In Austria and have been named after him. It’s thought that they may have originated from the Greek military mountains that were left in the area when they were no longer needed.

Abtenauer Horse breed
It’s beautifully built Abtenauer, with excellent balance, agile movement and consistently friendly behavior.

Scrubs and their descendants spend the summer wandering through the Alpine meadows for grazing. The ponies are sometimes born with a very curly coat.

It falls when they lose their kids’ hair. They are gathered in winter and protected from harsh local weather.

Abtenauer Horse breed

Abtenauer Horse breed

The Abtenauer is a rare draught horse breed. It is the smallest Noriker horse, but despite its size, it is a formidable foe. It is a distinct population that was bred in the remote valley of Abtenau, south of Salzburg, Austria.



Abtenauer Horse breed



The Abtenauer has a quiet, willing demeanour and stands between 14.3 and 15 hands tall. The Abtenauer, which has lighter bone than the Noriker, breeds true to type and is well adapted to the poor soil on which it lives.

Abtenauer Horse breed



It’s known for its easy, flowing, trotting action. The Abtenauer has an elegant build, with a well-shaped head and muscular legs.  Abtenauers are typically black, chestnut, or blue roan; black is the most common color, but all colors are acceptable.

Mares and foals spend the summers in high mountain pastures, where they are fed salt once a week to keep them from becoming feral. They spend the summer with cattle roaming freely in the alpine meadows. Occasionally, foals are born with unusual curly coats that are shed when the baby hair falls out.

Abtenauer Horse breed


This breed is useful for work in mountain forests due to its agility and good sense of balance.


  • Average length 14.3-15 hands
  • Stylishly built drag horse
  • It gives them an amazing low-weight position.
  • They are born with curly hair falling in a baby coat (not shared by other marker species).

Abtenauer Horse breed Body Structure

  • Strong, well-defined
  •  strong, healthy legs
  • Traditional Colors
  • Black, Chestnut Discovery Rowan
  • Unwanted Leopard


  1. Calm Down
  2. The desire to behave is permissive to animals.


They found around 100 mares in the Abtenau Province and developed the Abtenau type of Noriker, which some consider to be a breed.
They were mountain horses that were used to haul wood.
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