American Quarter Horse


Horses & Dogs will introduce to you one of the most horses breeds, the American Quarter Horse

an overview of  American Quarter Horse


Quarter Horse

One quarter of the American horse is the most popular breed in the United States today.

And the American Horse Society is the largest breed record in the world.

They recorded nearly 3 million American quarter horses in 2014.

It well knew both as racehorses and for their performances at the rodeo

the horse appears and as the horse farm works.

What are American Quarter horse ?

Quarter Horse


It is one of the oldest recognized horse breeds in the United States, originating in the 1960s.

As a mixture of native Hispanic horses used by the early colonists and English horses

have been imported into Virginia since about 1610.

By the late 17th century, it successfully raced these horses over a quarter mile in Rhode Island and Virginia.

And then I got the name Quarter Horse, and was raised for performance and had great original blood and other breed features.

History of American Quarter horse:

Quarter Horse

They usually saw the Quarter Horse as a Western farm horse.

Quarter horse’s beginnings were in the race.

Quarter Horse

It’s a sport that they’re still competing in today, named for its remarkable ability to run a quarter-mile.

It originally developed quarter horse in the eastern United States.

Likewise, it probably hybridized Chickasaw horses, From Hispanic origin from the original Chickasaw tribe, with imported Celtic spotting.

Quarter Horse

Galloway represented colonial Virginia and the Carolina’s beginning in the 17th century.

The original English horses were later imported and crossed with these ancient horses.

Two of the first particularly influential sons were the original English horse Janus.

Born in 1746, imported to Virginia in 1752, American raised Sir Archie.

Quarter Horse

He is also a Thyroid who became known as “America Godolphin” for his significant influence on the Thyroid dynasty.

And these new American horses  that were raised in the enemy race became very good in the short races.

Until it became known as the “Famous Quarter of Mile Racehorses” it was not the races that were usually match races.

They set it on rinks, but on straight tracks where there is suitable space, often below the city’s main street.

And in the early 19th century, the original horses overwhelmed the quarter horses, which ran better over longer distances.

But Quarter Horses soon found new acceptance in the western and southwestern United States as stock horses.

The speed and agility inherent in the breed made it ideally suited to the tasks of developing borders

He made his kindness and natural cowboy sense of “American Quarter Horse,” a favorite animal among cowboys during the age of open range in the West.

American Quarter Horse Specification:

Quarter Horse


  • Modern American quarter horses are short and full, with heavy muscle growth, short and wide heads and wide deep breasts.
  • Because these horses are used to cut cattle from herds, the ability to start quickly, turn around and stop;
  • Speed for short distances is a basic trait.
  • Their colors are variable, but they’re all solid, and mature animals range in height from 57 to 64 inches (1.63 m).
  • The equivalent of 145 to 163 cm, weighing from 950 to 1,200 pounds (ca. 544 kilogram), has a calm and cooperative mood.

If you want to know more about horse 

  • For many years, a paltry attempt made to develop a distinct breed, and in 1940 the AQHA was organized.
  • In 1950, they reorganized it to include other Quarter Horse organizations, and AQHA controls the American Horse Link Book and Registration.
  • With over 2.5 million horses recorded in her horse book by the late 20th century
  • AQHA was the largest horse breeder in the world.
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