American Saddlebred Horse breed


The American Saddlebred remains a sophisticated and smart show horse. A show cheval is a beautiful and elegant display but also a demanding athletic event.

American Saddlebred Horse

About The American Saddlebred

  • American Senior Senior Show Rings: Fine-grained, Three-Gaited and Fine Harness and Pleasure are competing in the four main classes.
  • There is a “look” for each category, and it should well care contestants for. It showed five beautiful harnesses with full manes and columns and pleasure horses. Five-guarded horses are displayed to emphasise the long, elegant necks with roached or clipped mane.
  • For American Saddlebreds in the show ring, the common denominator is to be attentive and to project an attitude of “Look upon Me” by arching his neck, head up and ears forward.

American Saddlebred Horse

  • Performance, manner, presence, quality and shape are evaluated.

  • American Saddlebreds are available in nearly all colours, from 14 to 17 hands in height, and weigh 800-1200 pounds.

American Saddlebred Horse

American Saddlebred fact

  1. Size range between 14 and 17 hands
  2. Wide colour spectrum -The chesnut -Black -Spotted -The bay
  3. Markings create personalization
  4. Weigh between 800 and 1200 pounds (ca. 544 kg)

American Saddlebred Horse

American Saddlebred information

The ideal American Saddlebred’s head and eyes are refined and intelligent.

Long sloping pasterns make the spring particularly pleasant for American Saddlebreds to ride. High quality, smoothness and balance complements the entire picture of symmetry and style.

The features which have led to the reputation of the American Saddlebred as the “pictured ring” make him a versatile horse as well.

His gaits are smooth, quick, and intelligent, and their strong muscular force enables him to achieve everything requested of him.

American Saddlebred Horse

In several non-traditional disciplines like as dressage, events, show jumping, combined conduct and endurance, and leisure and competitive trail riding it has outstanding performances.

It  can accomplish nearly every duty and will do so in an exceptional manner.

Maybe its mental acuity is the most outstanding feature of the race. American Saddlebreds have such characteristics that they appreciate their owners and fans.

You should attempt to evaluate your goals before getting an it

Would you want a horse show? A sweetheart? An outlook? A horse to continue in formation? At home? At home? What are you going to spend? Do you purchase it as an investment? to strictly enjoy?

American Saddlebred Horse

Evaluate your talents if you want to ride or drive:

Have you any knowledge? Does competition constitute an objective? You’re in a course schedule? How long is the new horse going to spend? Do you have the ability to teach a horse without help? And remember the bodily features: Are you short or tall? Is it a lean or a sticky?The horse should match the rider’s stature.

There are numerous methods to find out about and participate in American Saddlebreds.

The American Saddlebred Horse Association is a solid starting point (ASHA). When you take a Saddlebred seriously, you should become an ASHA member and have access to their abundance of knowledge.

Membership for business people with the US Saddlebred Registry is necessary.

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