How to make a dog poop with a match, is it safe?


How to make a dog poop with a match, It’s easier said than done to get your dog to defecate when you want them to, You’re in luck if yours already knows how to do it while out walking. It spares you the hassle of having to worry about when and where your pet will go to the bathroom, Unfortunately, even the best-trained dog may get into mischief. She’ll require assistance and desire to excrete if she’s constipated and her system is out of whack, If she hasn’t yet learned to defecate on demand, what should you do to get her started? People have devised a variety of techniques. These include wiping the dog’s anus with wet wipes, squirting cold water on it, and putting ice on it, to name a few. So how to make a dog poop with a match?

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 does match in anus make dog poop
does match in anus make dog poop

How to make a dog poop with a match

How to make a dog poop with a match?

You’ll need a book of matches to execute the approach. 

There’s nothing special about these matchups; they’re just regular contests. 

Just make sure they’re soft so they don’t damage your dog.

Take two matches out of the book.

After that, turn your dog around so her backside is facing you and put the matches in her anus.

About halfway through, either the sulfur or non-sulfur side is inserted.

You should moisten the sulfur side bypassing the stick through your lips for a few seconds.

To express the obvious, if the sulfur side of the match sticks out, do not attempt to ignite it.

Additionally, you must ensure that the dog does not travel through an area where there is an open fire. You want her to poop, 

Not to have her rear end burned.

Now begins the phase of waiting.  That’s how to make a dog poop with a match.

Don’t panic; your pet will soon be squatting and attempting to flush the matchsticks from her system.

When matchsticks protrude from their bums, almost all dogs will eliminate. 

However, there are a few recalcitrant dogs who require further encouragement to defecate. 

More matchsticks may be useful in this situation. 

If your dog is constipated, one or two treats may not be enough.

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 match in dog butt to poop
match in dog butt to poop

What Is The Purpose Of The Trick?

How to make a dog poop with a match?

Matchsticks should only be used as a last resort to get your dog to pass stool. 

Other options to consider include giving belly massages, drinking extra water, and providing fiber-rich meals, to name a few. You can try it if all else fails.

Essentially, the technique is excellent for a dog that is being housebroken. 

You may use it to set up a timetable and ensure that your dog eliminates when you want her to.

It’s also ideal for dogs who prefer to eliminate in the backyard rather than the designated areas. 

The strategy may be used to break the association and train your dog to pee herself in different places.

If your dog is constipated, try this approach before calling the veterinarian.

Finally, dogs competing in dog shows might benefit from eliminating when you want them to.

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Is it secure?

How to make a dog poop with a match? The matchstick trick, when done correctly, should be safe for any dog. Matches are little and squishy.

Aside from the natural discomfort that your dog may experience when the item is lodged in her butt, 

There is no harm or inflammation to cause suffering.

However, if done poorly, the strategy might backfire. For starters, if the matchstick is put too far, it may end up in the dog’s anus. 

This can injure your dear dog or make them feel much worse, especially if they don’t defecate.

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All in all, how to make a dog poop with a match? There are times when you need your dog to defecate exactly when you want them to. Consider adopting the matchstick approach when that moment arrives.


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